Rod Blagojevich Appears at Chicago Comic-Con 2010

Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, the Hulk has his superhuman strength when he gets fired up, Spiderman can race though crowded city streets on his webs.

Former ex-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich can take embarrassing federal corruption charges and turn them into a money making scheme at Chicago's Comic-Con.

"It's important to earn a living when you're facing these kinds of situations," said Blagojevich to "Fox News Sunday's" Chris Wallace in an exclusive interview Sunday morning.

Blagojevich did not receive an appearance fee for the convention but he did charge fans $50 for autographs and $80 for photos, although he claims it wasn't that lucrative.

Rod Blagojevich is the Energizer Bunny of comic material gift giving. His latest foray into the land of There-Is-No-Such-Thing-As-Bad-Publicity was yesterday at Chicago Comic Con in suburban Rosemont. During his appearance at the show--where he stood among grown men dressed as Superman and Batman while charging $80 if you wanted to be photographed with him and $50 if you merely wanted his autograph--Illinois’ second convicted-governor-in-a-row compared himself to a superhero.

Among the Ghostbusters get-ups and the army of Princess Leia look-alikes at Chicago’s Wizard World Comic Con this weekend, there was Rod Blagojevich. And he wasn’t just there to play. A surprise addition to a guest roster otherwise boasting genre heavyweights like William Shatner and Linda Hamilton, the former governor of Illinois arrived on the convention’s third day to crowded fanfare, intermittent booing and photo flashes ad infinitum.

In a room where fans swarmed the captains of the SS Enterprise, Anakin Skywalker and Batman, Illinois’ own larger than life character, Rod Blagojevich, attracted as many if not more of his own groupies Saturday.

The ex-governor repeatedly smiled and posed with admirer after admirer at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.