Minnesota Twins defeat Chicago White Sox, 7-6

MINNEAPOLIS -- The White Sox can keep telling themselves that this is 2010.

They can pretend that 2004, '06 and '09 didn't happen.

They can take comfort that the Metrodome -- and the ghosts that spooked the Sox for years -- are a distant nightmare to be forgotten.

But what the 7-6 10th-inning loss to the Twins showed on Tuesday night was no matter the year, time or place, Minnesota continued to haunt the South Siders when it mattered most -- in crunch time of the ...

MINNEAPOLIS -- The comeback from the two-month coma the White Sox suffered through to start the season was a valiant one. As a matter of fact, it was almost historic as far as the franchise was concerned.

Unless they finish the job by winning the American League Central, though, it becomes meaningless.

That's where the bar is set in the eyes of general manager Ken Williams, filtering all the way down to the coaching staff.

''I think we have a bunch of pros here,''...