Colorado Rockies defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 6-5

Denver — Mike McClendon felt the butterflies flapping like crazy in his gut after the bullpen phone rang to inform him he needed to get warmed up Saturday night.

And once he got on the practice mound and started throwing pitches, the nervousness only got more intense for the Milwaukee Brewers' rookie right-hander.

"I tried to keep my hat pulled down so I could only see the first level of people," said McClendon, who made his major-league debut against the Colorado Ro...

Denver — The day the Milwaukee Brewers came here two months ago, they were lucky enough to miss Troy Tulowitzki.

The Colorado Rockies put their all-star shortstop on the disabled list that day with a fractured wrist and hand, leaving Brewers pitchers with one fewer big bat to worry about.

The Brewers are now wishing they missed Tulowitzki one more time.

Two games after hitting an eighth-inning three-run home run to give the Rockies a win, Tulowitzki again came up ...