Chicago Cubs defeat St. Louis Cardinals, 9-7

ST. LOUIS -- By quirk of the schedule, four of the Cubs' five series against the St. Louis Cardinals come in their last 66 games, including all six meetings at Busch Stadium.

That would seem to render the rivalry moot the way the Cubs have free-fallen to fifth place since May.

But the Cubs seem determined to take the Cardinals with them on their way down, judging by the way some of these games have played out.

After knocking them out of first place Saturday, the C...

ST. LOUIS -- Tyler Colvin knew there would be days like this. Or even weeks like this.

But the struggling rookie says he hasn't lost any confidence and his body is holding up fine in the longest season of his professional career.

''It's a bit frustrating, just knowing it could be better,'' he said of a nearly four-week stretch that has seen his batting average dive and his strikeout totals spike. ''But it's a learning process. They know exactly what they want to do w...