President Obama Swims with Daughter in Gulf to Show Beaches are Safe

The president, first lady and their youngest daughter Sasha spotted a porpoise in St. Andrews Bay during a boat ride yesterday in rainy weather, and the commander-in-chief even took his turn at the helm of the converted 50-foot Navy Launch.

To signal the waters are safe for tourists, he and Sasha went for a swim Aug. 14 in the bay, which leads into the Gulf.

Joined by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindahl, Florida Gov. Charlie Christ and Alabama Gov. Bob Riley, the president urged Americans to keep vacationing on Gulf beaches.

“Except for three beaches here in Louisiana, all of the Gulf’s beaches at this moment are open, they are safe and they are clean,” Obama said.

After President Obama waded into the controversy yesterday over whether to build a mosque near Ground Zero, he then waded into the Gulf of Mexico during his quick family trip to the Florida Panhandle. Taking a dip yesterday at Panama City Beach with daughter Sasha, Obama told a wary public to jump right in. "Beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean, they are safe, and they are open for business," said Obama.