Toronto Blue Jays defeat Boston Red Sox, 6-5

TORONTO — Jonathan Papelbon was sitting at his locker yesterday afternoon with his head down, staring at the towels by his feet, when David Ortiz walked by and squeezed his right arm, a gesture of solidarity to a teammate sorely in need of one.

Papelbon did not acknowledge Ortiz or even look up. This was one burden he would have to shoulder alone.

“Kind of a groggy day for me,’’ Papelbon said.

Others might put it in more harsh terms.

Just when the Red Sox were ...

TORONTO—Jonathan Papelbon's streak of perfection against the Blue Jays came to a costly end for the Boston Red Sox.

Fred Lewis' sacrifice fly capped a four-run rally in the ninth inning and lifted Toronto to a 6-5 victory over Boston on Thursday, just the Blue Jays' third win in 12 games against the Red Sox this season.

"He's always shut the door on us," Toronto's Aaron Hill, who scored the winning run, said of Papelbon. "It's nice to get a guy like that."

The blo...

TORONTO — The Red Sox gave John Lackey the kind of contract — five years and $82.5 million — befitting the ace of a pitching staff. But they did not ask him to take that role.

With Josh Beckett and Jon Lester also in the rotation, Lackey’s job was to pile up innings as the No. 3 starter and benefit from good run production. The victories would take care of themselves.

Only it hasn’t worked out that way. The Sox are 12-12 in the games Lackey has started, the latest fr...