Minnesota Twins defeat Chicago White Sox, 12-6

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen doesn't call them piranhas much anymore.

It's not that the Minnesota Twins are any less lethal in how they devour opponents. It's more that Guillen's gesture of respect came at a time when manager Ron Gardenhire's charges didn't get as much credit as Guillen thought they deserved.

But now?

''Why don't we give our players credit for where we are?'' a defensive Guillen said of his Sox before they were defeated 12-6 Tuesday. ''Give the...

Several weeks ago, I asked Paul Konerko why he was so sure the American League Central race would go down to the wire.

At that point, the White Sox led the division by a healthy 3� games, but Konerko looked at me as though I had just arrived from Mars. I might as well have asked a Sox fan why he was so sure the Cubs weren't going to win a World Series in the foreseeable future -- the foreseeable future being the next 200 years.

The answer: Just because.

The though...

Though the Twins and White Sox opened a three-game series Tuesday night with identical records, the Sox' road to sharing first place in the American League Central has borne little resemblance to that of their divisional brothers.

The Sox spent the early part of the season with an unlikely chance of playing meaningful baseball in August. But since June 9, they've enjoyed a 39-20 run in which they've gone from a season-high-tying nine games under .500 (24-33) and 9½ game...