Chicago White Sox defeat Kansas City Royals, 8-2

Jake Peavy will have surgery Wednesday to reattach a torn lat muscle in a procedure never tried before on a pitcher.

But Peavy should be able to resume pitching next season.

The surgery will be performed in Chicago by specialist Anthony A. Romeo, who has experience in similar procedures and was recommended by James Andrews and Lewis Yocum, the orthopedic specialists Peavy had consulted.

Those doctors are experts at performing the elbow-ligament replacement surgery co...

The Cliff Lee sweepstakes are over, with the one-time Cy Young winner heading to Texas from Seattle -- and White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen couldn't be happier.

For one thing, it means the Sox won't have to face Lee during the rest of the regular season; they are done playing Texas, and when they meet the Mariners later this month, Seattle no longer will have its ace.

And another thing: Lee didn't go to the New York Yankees, whom the Sox still must play in August at h...