San Francisco Giants defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 15-2

It would be easy to classify the Milwaukee Brewers as a train wreck at this juncture.

Trains seldom wreck this badly, however.

The Brewers continued to embarrass themselves in front of the home fans Wednesday night, getting drummed by San Francisco, 15-2, at Miller Park to lose the first three games of the series and four in a row overall.

You can forget that little charge the Brewers put together in late June. They've frittered all of that away by losing seven of...

Wednesday seemed like a good day to rest Ryan Braun.

As it was, the Brewers' all-star leftfielder got much of the game off.

Mired in the worst slump of his career, Braun remained in the lineup against San Francisco mainly because of past numbers (.462, two home runs) against two-time defending Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum, according to manager Ken Macha. But past numbers mean little when you're lost at the plate.

Braun continued to look lost, striking out on...