San Francisco Giants defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 6-1

Any position through the middle of a baseball field is labeled as "premium."

It takes gobs of athleticism, skill and a fair share of intelligence to excel at those positions - catcher, the middle infield spots and center field - because they are the ones involved in nearly every play, whether the ball is hit to them or not.

Because of a lack of execution at two of those premium spots, shortstop and second base, the Milwaukee Brewers have lost three consecutive games ...

Anyone around here who was surprised by what the Kansas City manager recently said about his sub-.500 Royals just wasn't paying attention.

"We're in it," Ned Yost said. "We're eight games out . . . a week out of first place. Yeah, I really believe it."

That's our Ned. Had he been commanding the besieged German 6th Army at Stalingrad with no ammunition, food or winter clothes and a thousand Soviet tanks pointed at him, Yost would've been selling a winning exit strateg...