Rod Blagojevich's Finance Director Testifies at His Trial

No, he [Blagojevich] just didn't like to make calls.”

— Kelly Glynn, Finance Director, Friends of Blagojevich

On the heels of an FBI agent testifying that then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich had told him in an interview that Blagojevich did not want to know who was contributing to him after he became governor, Kelly Glynn, a former top member of Blagojevich’s fundraising staff, has testified that the opposite was true.

After his inauguration in January 2003, Blagojevich stayed in fundraising meetings when individual contributors were discussed, said Glynn, who left the Friends of Blagojevich in the summer of 2004. Glynn said she recalled three or four meetings in which Blagojevich asked about donors.

“We would be going through a list of people who had made commitments or not made commitments,” Glynn said.

Before he did, prosecutors called Kelly Glynn, finance director for Friends of Blagojevich from 2002 to 2004.

Glynn testified in the Tony Rezko trial about "bundlers" -- people who raise money for campaigns. Top fund-raisers for Blago in those years were Chris Kelly, Tony Rezko, John Wyma, Milan Petrovic and Paul Rosenfeld.

Rod Blagojevich had a special name for fund-raisers he thought weren't pulling their weight, Kelly Glynn has testified: "Bulls----ers!"

That shout would ring out during a series of fund-raising meetings that Blagojevich attended in 2004, she says.

"We would be going through a list of people who had made commitments or who had not made commitments and (Blagojevich) would sort of yell out, 'What about Niranjan Shah? What about Lou Susman?'" Glynn testifies. "'What are they doing, what are they doing?'"

When he thought someone wasn't doing enough, "the governor would chime out, "bulls----er!" Glynn shouts from the stand.

Defense attorney Sheldon Sorosky asks Glynn if there was "some legitimate basis for Mr. Blagojevich to say what he said about these men?" The prosecution objects and Zagel sustains.

Glynn agrees Rod called them BS-ers because they didn't contribute what they should.

"There's nothing wrong about that, is there?" Sorosky asks, prompting another objection.

Sorosky points to a time when Blagojevich refused to call Jerry Reinsdorf, saying that's an indication that the ex-governor didn't get involved in fund-raising.