Rod Blagojevich Trial: Documents Show Patti Blagojevich Got Payments from Rezmar

Real estate agent Marianne Piazzi testified that she was hired in 2002 by Rezko’s development firm, Rezmar, to help sell units in a condominium development in the 1000 block of West Chestnut Street called St. Johns Park.

Piazzi said she sold Unit 58 for nearly $574,000 in April of 2003 and the sale closed in July. The buyers were a family that had hired the Coldwell Banker realty firm to represent them.

Piazzi testified that she never met Patti Blagojevich or heard of her realty firm, River Realty. Piazzi also said to her knowledge neither Patti Blagojevich nor River Realty were involved in the sale.

Prosecutors produced paperwork from the closing showing that the 5 percent commission was to be split evenly between Piazzi’s firm and Coldwell Banker.

Despite that, the next witness — FBI special agent Jane Ferguson — testified that files subpoenaed from River Realty in October 2008 included a copy of a $14,000 commission check to Patti Blagojevich’s firm for the sale of Unit 58.