Juror in Rod Blagojevich Trial Dismissed Due to Sick Parent

This Tuesday morning began with an announcement that Juror No. 115 -- a white woman -- has been dismissed because of a "critical illness" of a parent, Judge James Zagel said.

Michael Winter, a consultant for Tony Rezko's Rezmar Corp., is now back on the stand for his cross-examination.

Before court began, U.S. District Judge James Zagel announced that a member of the jury panel had been excused because of an illness in the family -- the first jury panel member to be dropped. The former juror was designated as Number 115. She was about 40 years old and said during questioning before testimony began that she works for a printing company that does mass mailings.

The jury panel hearing the case includes more than the 12 who will ultimately decide Blagojevich’s fate. The extra members are included to hear the proceedings in case jurors are excused along the way. Now, five extra jurors remain.