Chicago White Sox defeat Los Angeles Angels, 4-1

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and second baseman Gordon Beckham have yet to have ''that talk.'' Not that Guillen would have any problem telling the second-year player exactly why he has had to spend the early part of the week on the bench.

On second thought, maybe it's better if Beckham doesn't ask why.

''If [Beckham] wants to know why, he should know why,'' Guillen said Tuesday. ''If you're smart and you went to college, you should know why. The kid [Brent Lill...

The White Sox' rise from road kill to contender was due in large part to a starting staff that finally lived up to the offseason hype and started to dominate just over three weeks ago.

That was in danger of changing Tuesday with one pitch.

On a 2-2 offering to the Los Angeles Angels' Mike Napoli in the second inning, Sox starter Jake Peavy quickly jumped in pain, favoring his right side, then started walking off the field before the trainers could reach him. If a com...