Detroit Tigers defeat Boston Red Sox, 6-5

With his five-game rehab assignment behind him, Mike Lowell once again occupied a place in the Red Sox clubhouse.

He did not, however, occupy a place on the roster.

As time ticks down to today’s 4 p.m. trading deadline, the Sox were doing their best to find him a home. Until then, Lowell has to wait.

“Just kind of told them to hang on for a day or so,’’ said manager Terry Francona, about the message from Theo Epstein to Lowell and his agents. “There’s possible moveme...

Mike Cameron pulled up a chair in front of his locker, and sat down heavily. His left leg was encased in ice, held by an ace bandage. His abdomen was covered in ice, giving him a slightly bloated look as he sat, looking expectantly at the media.

His voice was low as he answered questions. He had just stood at home plate, looking at a called third strike, a splitter on the 60th pitch thrown by Tigers closer Jose Valverde. He hadn’t expected the pitch, didn’t come through...