Colorado Rockies defeat Chicago Cubs, 17-2

DENVER -- Here's how Carlos Zambrano on Friday responded to the three big questions many have waited to have adequately answered: • You've told people your actions on June 25 were about trying to ''pump up'' your teammates.

How did you think yelling at them and calling them ''horses---'' would accomplish that?

''At first that was my thought,'' he said. ''But I mixed some frustration for the first time in my career with trying to pump up my teammates. But when I first...

DENVER -- After addressing teammates Friday for the first time since airing them out in a raging dugout tirade June 25, Carlos Zambrano vowed to rebuild his image and performance level and be a calmer version of his former self.

He apologized to manager Lou Piniella and teammates, explained the thinking and frustration that led to his actions, and even got a few hugs after the five- to 10-minute meeting that followed his activation from the restricted list.

Now comes...