Bob Dudley, New BP CEO, Proposes Cleanup 'Scaleup'

Bob Dudley, who heads BP's oil spill recovery and will take over as CEO in October, said it's "not too soon for a scaleback" in the cleanup, and in areas where there is no oil, "you probably don't need to see people in hazmat suits on the beach." He added, however, that there is "no pullback" in BP's commitment to clean up the spill. Dudley was in Biloxi to announce that former Federal Emergency Management Agency chief James Lee Witt will be supporting BP's Gulf restoration work.

"We haven't seen oil flow in the gulf since the 15th of July," averred Bob Dudley, BP's Chief Executive Bob Dudley who just replaced the embattled and widely criticized Tony Hayward.

"You'll see the evidence of a pullback because we have boom across the shores, all the way from Florida to Louisiana. Those only last for a certain number of tide cycles,” added the new CEO.