US and South Korea Conclude Joint Naval Exercises

The four-day joint U.S.-South Korea naval exercises wrapped up today in the waters off South Korea.

The signal being sent during our U.S. TV exclusive embedment: Solidarity with South Korea, Deterrence to North Korea.

But from the run-up, to the end, the maneuvers were also marked by some mixed messages.

Those, no doubt, a sign of the tricky balancing act the U.S. has to play between South Korea, North Korea….and China.

First there was the timing. Following the suspected sinking of the South Korea warship, the Cheonan, by a North Korean submarine, South Korea announced the exercises.

The four-day joint military maneuvers by the United States and South Koreaoff the Korean peninsula aimed at sending a message of deterrence to North Korea concluded on Wednesday.

South Korea's official news agency Yonhap quoted Rear Admiral Kim Kyung Sik, the country's Joint Chief of Staff, as saying that "throughout the Invincible Spirit exercises, we sent a strong warning to North Korea that its aggressive behavior won't be forgiven."