Cincinnati Reds defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 12-4

In the grand scheme of things, the Milwaukee Brewers can't afford for their best pitcher to get shellacked.

But, when you don't have it, you don't have it, grand scheme be darned.

Yovani Gallardo showed up naked Tuesday night at Miller Park. No, he didn't forget his uniform. He was fully clothed in that sense.

But Gallardo had nothing with which to combat the potent Cincinnati Reds' lineup.

"It was one of those days where anything I threw up there, they were go...

Corey Hart would like to play Wednesday afternoon against the Cincinnati Reds at Miller Park.

But he knows the smart move is to wait until Friday.

The Brewers' rightfielder said his jammed right hand was feeling "a lot better" Tuesday but still not enough to take regular batting practice. Barring a total healing process overnight, Hart realized it made more sense to take advantage of the scheduled off-day Thursday and get ready for the series opener Friday night in H...