Seattle Mariners defeat Boston Red Sox, 5-1

SEATTLE — As Jon Lester walked off the mound at the end of the evening, leaving his teammates three outs to redeem themselves, his head remained down until he reached the steps, when he took his glove and slammed it on the bench.

The disappointment and anger was understandable, the game having spiraled from brilliance to ERA-expanding frustration.

Not only had Lester exceeded his career high with 13 strikeouts, but he had allowed the Mariners just four hits over 7 2/3 i...

SEATTLE — Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon glares at the hitter before releasing a pitch. A primal scream and several energetic fist pumps often punctuate a successful outing.

Daniel Bard, his setup man, employs a far different approach. He takes the mound with all the zeal of an insurance salesman about to explain a deductible.

“I need to stay under control. I take a deep breath before every pitch, that’s my routine,’’ Bard said. “I don’t know how it’s perceived, bu...