Oakland Athletics defeat Chicago White Sox, 10-2

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Freddy Garcia is not shy when it comes to expressing his feelings.

So when asked to explain the shortest start of his career in the White Sox' 10-2 loss to the Oakland Athletics on Saturday, it was vintage Garcia.

Sure, he shouldered the blame, saying, ''I didn't really have it.'' But he also discussed how his pitching repertoire works at this stage of his career and how plate umpire Laz Diaz didn't help him.

''The umpire was pretty tight,'' Gar...

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Less than a week from now, the questions will all go away. The July 31 trade deadline, the rumors, the speculation and the daily inquiries will all be gone.

More than a few members of the White Sox' traveling party can't wait for that.

Manager Ozzie Guillen had his own take on it Saturday afternoon, letting it be known that general manager Ken Williams has been busy working the phones for the last month, targeting a short list of players, starting ...