Boston Red Sox defeat Seattle Mariners, 2-1

SEATTLE — By the time the Red Sox finished their excruciating 8-6 victory against the Mariners Thursday night, 13 innings and nearly four hours had elapsed.

The fact that starting pitcher John Lackey lost a no-hitter with two outs in the eighth inning became an afterthought.

“That was probably one of the strangest no-decisions of my career,’’ Lackey said before the second game of the series last night. “But at this point, we just need to win games no matter how we do...

SEATTLE — As the question was asked, a hint of a smile played across Josh Beckett’s face. He answered, his pause emphasizing what came next.

“A long time,’’ he said, when asked how much he’d been looking forward to getting back on the mound, to trying to rectify a season that had gone awry over the first month.

It was with that anticipation in mind that the Sox watched Beckett throw a 94-mile-per-hour fastball to Ichiro Suzuki in the first inning last night, the firs...