Chicago White Sox defeat Seattle Mariners, 6-1

SEATTLE -- This was going to go one of two ways on Monday.

Either the White Sox players were going to curl up in the fetal position with their thumbs in their mouths, looking for ''a happy place'' after a nightmarish loss to Minnesota on Sunday, or they were going to do what they did to Seattle in the wake of that loss.

That meant picking themselves up off the mat, leaving that loss back at Target Field and dismantling a less-talented team.

Mission accomplished.

SEATTLE -- When discussing the trade market Monday, Ken Williams chose his words carefully, using phrases like, ''We'll see how that develops,'' and ''... right now, I don't see anything materializing.''

It hasn't been from a lack of trying.

According to a major-league source, Williams spent the last few days trying desperately to pry Adam Dunn from the grasp of the Washington Nationals, offering up ''anyone and anything he has in the minor leagues in a package.''