St. Louis Cardinals defeat Los Angeles Dodgers, 7-1

Chris Carpenter has insisted in good times and bad this season that he is not hurt, not constrained, not in any way limited by a body that repeatedly has betrayed him during a successful but complicated career.

Even so, Carpenter again got well Thursday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Carpenter entered a blast furnace better known as Busch Stadium with five wins and a 1.88 ERA in seven career regular season starts against the Dodgers. He left with a 7-1 decisi...

Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday was deep into his second month as the highest paid player in franchise history and his average was less than .280 for the last time this season when his agent called.

Scott Boras wanted to have breakfast.

"I figure I was getting a talking-to," Holliday said.

He figured right.

With the Cardinals in San Diego, the superagent swooped south from his Los Angeles-area offices and took the $120 million outfielder out for the same tal...