Chicago White Sox defeat Minnesota Twins, 8-7

MINNEAPOLIS -- Leave it to White Sox general manager Ken Williams to turn a mundane pregame clubhouse into a Jerry Springer audience.

Appearing on ESPN's ''Pardon the Interruption'' on Thursday afternoon, Williams was asked about the tension between him and manager Ozzie Guillen in early June -- including a heated shouting match first reported in the Sun-Times.

''It was really blown out of proportion,'' he said. ''... Come on, we're about to come to blows? That's not...

MINNEAPOLIS -- Before the 8-7 victory Thursday over the Minnesota Twins at Target Field, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen gathered the troops for a "talk.''

Guillen uses the term ''talk'' because ''bad teams have meetings.''

The message?

''I just talked to the guys about how they put themselves in a great position,'' Guillen said. ''We went through a lot of tough times. We went through the worst you can get on any ballclub that's supposed to be competing, and we ha...