Atlanta Braves defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 2-1

Atlanta — The hope is the all-star break brought some much needed rest for Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Jim Edmonds.

Edmonds was nagged by an assortment of sore body parts in the first half of the season and even landed on the disabled list in May with a strained oblique. Those injuries have cost the Brewers his services in center field, which is especially hurtful because Carlos Gomez has been so bad offensively.

The break might have done Edmonds some good, though. ...

Atlanta — Take the first game out of the all-star break as a prime example of why Dave Bush has a 4-7 record.

The Milwaukee Brewers right-hander made his sixth consecutive quality start Thursday - and, yes, sometimes a quality start can be a misleading statistic. But in this case, Bush really has pitched well.

Yet in half of those games, the Brewers have taken the defeat despite Bush going six innings and giving up two runs in each outing.

The reason is a lack of ...