Rezmar Associate Testifies To Payments from Rezmar to Patti Blagojevich for Doing No Work

Michael Winter was a consultant at Rezmar in 2003 and 2004 and said he recalled seeing the four gather there.

“They would meet in the back conference room,” Winter said.

Early in the trial, Monk had testified that the four met once at Rezmar in secret and discussed strategies to illicitly make money for themselves from state business in an alleged conspiracy at the heart of the case. Rezko was to hold the money until after Blagojevich left office, he said.

Winter also testified about Patti Blagojevich being paid by Rezmar. Rezko came to him about a monthly consulting agreement for her, Winter said.

“(He) asked me to get her involved in things I was doing, to the extent I could, to justify paying her,” Winter said.