Chicago White Sox defeat Detroit Tigers, 15-3

It was finally a day of admittance.

Forget what he told the players in a closed-door meeting a few weeks ago, White Sox general manager Ken Williams knows it's time for changes, and changes are coming.

''Some changes need to take place,'' Williams insisted before the game Wednesday against the Detroit Tigers. ''I don't know what and I don't when, but some changes need to take place. Things aren't happening the way that we envisioned, and when they don't happen the wa...

There's still a to-do list for Ken Williams, now that the White Sox general manager stated the obvious on Wednesday that ''some changes need to take place.''

In between an infatuation with beating the Cubs in the upcoming home and home series, as well as preparing for what could be the first overall pick in the 2011 draft, Williams will have to make a serious decision on the future of free agent-to-be Freddy Garcia.

Garcia again has warranted that, after the veteran ...