BP Chief Operating Officer Announces Gulf Oil Spill Soon Down to "Trickle"

On a day when skepticism about BP's oil-cleaning ways is at a high pitch, take this for what it's worth: The company tells AP that the gushing oil "should be down to a relative trickle by Monday or Tuesday." (Or maybe the key word is "relative.") Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles sounded the upbeat note in an interview, saying the arrival of a second pumping vessel in the next few days will speed progress.

While BP is capturing more oil from its blown-out well with every passing day, scientists on a team analyzing the flow said Tuesday that the amount of crude still escaping into the Gulf of Mexico is considerably greater than what the government and the company have claimed.

Their assertions -- combined with BP's rush to build a bigger cap and its apparent difficulty in immediately processing all the oil being collected -- have only added to the impression that BP and the government are still floundering in dealing with the catastrophe and may be misleading the public.