Boston Red Sox defeat Baltimore Orioles, 8-2

BALTIMORE — The play looked far too familiar, with the left fielder barreling toward the third baseman in foul territory and the ball falling quickly.

It looked dangerous as Jeremy Hermida and Adrian Beltre neared, dangerous as they collided, reminiscent of the play in Kansas City that put Jacoby Ellsbury on the disabled list for most of the season.

Though the collision in the third inning last night wasn’t nearly as damaging, wasn’t nearly as violent, Hermida left t...

BALTIMORE — Enough hedging every time we speak about Kevin Youkilis.

We call him underrated. We call him unappreciated. We call him one of the best first basemen.

Just call him an excellent ballplayer, because that’s what he is.

What a joke that he’s currently fourth in All-Star fan voting. What’s wrong with you people? Time to take your vote away. Maybe Youkilis isn’t the sexy pick like Mark Teixeira, or maybe Boston simply doesn’t stuff the ballot boxes like it ...

BALTIMORE — As Jon Lester walked off the mound in the seventh inning last night, there was frustration, and there was a mess. He had gone from being in command to having no command, as exhaustion got the better of him on a hot night.

The Red Sox lefthander, so effective over the first six innings, had just walked three straight batters to load the bases with one out in a 1-0 game.

There was no choice for manager Terry Francona, who later lamented perhaps leaving Lest...