Rod Blagojevich's Lawyers File for Mistrial

udge James Zagel is no doubt running a tight ship.

But Rod Blagojevich's defense lawyers continue to complain he's not letting them properly question witnesses.

They push back Wednesday by filing three motions for a mistrial.

One: because of remarks Zagel made in front of the jury:
"During an objection made by defense counsel, the judge stated: 'If your goal was to stop
his answer, you are succeeding.' The judge did not rule on the objection and permitted
the witness to continue answering."

Two: because they say Zagel let a witness inappropriately testify to his opinion about what someone else meant. (Although this filing appears to be missing the actual request for the mistrial at its end.)

"This court permitted witness Doug Scofield to testify to his opinion as to what Bill Knapp meant after he had a conversation in which Defendant Rod Blagojevich told him what Bill Knapp said in a conversation in which Doug Scofield was not present."

Three: "The Court repeatedly sustained the Government's nearly continuous objections to the defense's cross-examination of Douglas Scofield to the extent that the defendant Rod