Houston Astros defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 5-1

Combine too many fundamental follies with being the victim of a perfectly executed fundamental play and it becomes a mixture for disappointment.

Throw in some shoddy bullpen work and it becomes downright ugly.

The Milwaukee Brewers, winners of seven of their previous 10 going into this game with a chance to win the series against Houston, fumbled too many opportunities Wednesday afternoon as the Astros snaked the game and series with a 5-1 victory at Miller Park.


Bobby Cox has been ejected from something like 9,000 games, which is exactly the reason why the Atlanta Braves won those 14 consecutive division championships.

His three Hall of Fame pitchers were coincidental.

Likewise, the Brewers are 7-4 since Ken Macha was tossed for the first time ever in blue back on June 18 because they're way, Way, WAY fired up, baby.

And, man, oh man, did the Mount St. Helens of a skipper ever come close to getting run again Wednesday.


An hour before first pitch Wednesday afternoon, shadows cut the Miller Park outfield into distinct sections, with half of center field and the entire warning track area in the shade.

All open ballparks have shadows, but the gripes about Miller Park day games have been constant and sometimes tiresome.

But there is no disputing the numbers. Despite coming into the series finale against the Houston Astros having won two of their last three day games here, the Milwaukee ...