Los Angeles Lakers defeat Boston Celtics, 102-89

LOS ANGELES — The Graduate was there.

So were Rocky Balboa, Jack Dawson, Happy Gilmore, Snoop Dogg, and the Million Dollar Baby. If Jack Nicholson had yelled “You can’t handle the truth!’’, Tom Cruise would have heard him from the front row of the other side of the Staples Center court.

Hollywood A-listers turned out in big numbers for the renewal of basketball’s best rivalry last night, and the front-runners were rewarded with a 102-89 Laker victory in Game 1 of the NB...

LOS ANGELES -- It was one of those "only in Southern California" scenes.

The clock was ticking down on Game 1 of the NBA Finals with the Lakers serving up an important series-opening win, and the amped up Staples Center crowd broke into a chant of ..."We want tacos! We want tacos!" mimicking a message flashing on the Jumbotron.

The fans got their tacos and the Celtics got a taste of their own medicine.

You see, Lakers fans in attendance get free tacos whenever the...

LOS ANGELES — Well, now we know. The Boston Celtics aren’t the only team in this series capable of winning an ugly game.

There was a serious role reversal at Staples Center last night. The Lakers were the ones who dominated inside. The Lakers were the ones making all the hustle plays, and, in fact, all the muscle plays. The Lakers were the ones bending the Celtics to their will, rather than the vice-versa of two years ago,

And the Lakers, of course, won the first gam...

LOS ANGELES — If the Lakers sent any message, it was that this wasn’t 2008. This wasn’t going to be the type of series in which they were bullied off the floor, in which Kevin Garnett would rip rebounds from his hands, in which the Celtics would walk on the Lakers’ home floor and rip their hearts out.

If these NBA Finals were going to be a fight, the Lakers were going to knuckle up.

After absorbing a 102-89 Game 1 loss last night, Celtics coach Doc Rivers was fully p...