Florida Marlins defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 3-2

Miami — During a season in which the pitchers have sabotaged so many chances for the Milwaukee Brewers to win games, it was a night for the hitters to play the "what if" game.

What if they had come up with just one more hit at the right time?

For one thing, the visitor's clubhouse wouldn't have been so silent as the Brewers packed their bags Thursday night while contemplating their third loss in four games to the Florida Marlins.

Losing for only the second time th...

Miami — After announcing that left-hander Manny Parra would be starting in place of right-hander Dave Bush on Sunday night in St. Louis, Brewers manager Ken Macha made it clear he was not singling out Bush.

"We're not picking on Bush," Macha said Thursday. "We're not saying he's out of the rotation. He'll be in the bullpen a couple of days. We'll see how things fit after Sunday.

"We've got the Cubs series next. It's highly likely he'll be back in there in the Cubs se...