Day 2 of Elena Kagan's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Questioners were sometimes strangely complimentary, with Senator Graham inviting Kagan to engage in a mutual admiration colloquy on the wonders of Judge Miguel Estrada.

(Graham even extracted a bizarre promise from Kagan that she would write a glowing letter of praise for Estrada in the next several days, in return for one he wrote on her behalf.). Others downright cranky: Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) constantly asked questions of Kagan, then said “Let’s move on,” when she either answered in ways he appeared to dislike or when he apparently grew tired of listening.

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan today will begin to take questions from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Day 2 of her confirmation hearings.

Each senator today gets 30 minutes to question Kagan, during which they're likely to press the nominee on the issues mentioned in their opening statements yesterday. Namely, Democrats will question Kagan on recent Supreme Court cases that favored corporations, such as Citizens United, while Republicans will question whether she intends to use a seat on the Court to advance a political agenda that suits her views.