APB: All Points Bulletin Launches

APB: All Points Bulletin is a massively multiplayer online video game for Microsoft Windows based in urban sprawls and featuring two sides, Enforcers and the Criminals.

Players may join either the Enforcers or the Criminals, and form sub-groups in these. The game design is led by David Jones, who contributed to the original Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown, and is being developed by Realtime Worlds. It was released on June 29, 2010 in North America, followed by a July 1 release in Europe and July 2 in the United Kingdom.

The game takes place in a modern-day, fictional city of San Paro where there is a constant battle between "Enforcers" and "Criminals", and the player will need to decide to which Faction they want to belong.

Other activities involving missions within the game allowing the player to earn extra money, which then can be used to upgrade weapons, vehicles, and their character appearances, all which influence the game itself. For example, several Criminal players may rob a convenience store within the game; the game will then seek out one or more Law Enforcement players of equivalent skills and other criteria, and will issue an all-points bulletin for them to stop the robbery.

APB also claims it will be the first Massively multiplayer online game title where the player's skill determines the character's progression, as opposed to the normal model of time investment.