Kansas City Royals defeat Chicago White Sox, 3-1

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The White Sox couldn't have asked for a softer re-entry into American League play.

After putting on a clinic against the National League the last two weeks, greeting them on the schedule was a seemingly harmless three-game road series against the Kansas City Royals.

Then again, the 2010 Sox never really do anything easy, do they?

Right-hander Anthony Lerew earned his first major-league victory by handcuffing the South Siders on a run and three ...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Throughout the SoxFest convention last winter, White Sox general manager Ken Williams proudly walked from ballroom to ballroom and back to his suite with a list of left-handed power hitters tucked in his pocket.

''I wrote down a list of players to fill that hole,'' Williams said, admitting he was uneasy without such a player in the lineup.


According to multiple sources, Williams has been acting on his list in the last week, specifically tar...