Chicago Cubs defeat Chicago White Sox, 8-6

A suspended Cubs player having dinner with the other team's manager.

The Cubs manager calling a team meeting and inviting the players to take free shots at him.

And this: Eight Cubs crossing the plate in a single game.

What's next -- Ernie Banks riding a team float in the gay pride parade?

''Life's always full of surprises,'' Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster said. ''That's kind of the motto.''

The Cubs' motto?

''No, that's my motto.''

Maybe he should loan it to...

No Cubs team had been 10 games below .500 in Lou Piniella's three-plus seasons as manager before this weekend. And it could have gotten worse against baseball's hottest squad at U.S. Cellular Field on Sunday.

''The White Sox have been the hottest team in baseball, and when you get on a streak like that, you think you can win every day,'' Piniella said.

Down by five in the ninth, the Sox acted the way they had through their 11-game win streak, pushing Cubs closer Carl...

Tyler Colvin was the future when the Cubs broke spring training. Now the 24-year-old right fielder from Augusta, Ga., is quickly becoming the team's present.

Colvin's three-run homer in the second gave the Cubs a lead they would not relinquish in an 8-6 victory over the White Sox on Sunday at U.S. Cellular Field.

''[After] I hit it, I saw their outfielder going back, and I didn't think I had enough of it,'' Colvin said. ''A home run against them is exciting.''


Freddy Garcia sounded almost giddy.

''That look,'' he said Sunday, laughing, as if only he got the joke. ''I'm getting that look, and I love it.''

Sometimes it comes with a bewildered, slow shake of the head. Other times it's just a glare of disbelief. But while the body language from opposing hitters may be different, the message is the same: ''I can't believe you just got me out with that junk.''

''The thing is, they know I can now throw all my five pitches for ...

Faith is in such short supply in Major League Baseball. A team struggles the first few months of the season, and talk centers not on how and when things will turn around but on when the general manager will start making trades with next season in mind.

No one believes in seismic shifts anymore. No one believes, not like that, not with a childlike trust in big things ahead.

So it's not unique to White Sox fans who stopped believing in their team when life was at its b...