Seattle Mariners defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 5-4

Oh, yes, things could always be worse with your pitching.

You could, for example, have about 260 pounds of suspended crazy on your hands with $46 million left on the meter.

That's the Chicago Cubs' sorry state of affairs with Carlos Zambrano, heaven help 'em.

But here a little more than two weeks before the all-star break, a time when you thought the Milwaukee Brewers would be throwing the last of the rods and head gaskets on the engine that keeps a baseball team ...

Miller Park has not been kind to Randy Wolf this season, but the veteran left-hander admitted the two home runs he surrendered Saturday afternoon had nothing to do with the venue.

"I think both of those would have been home runs anywhere," said Wolf.

Indeed, the home runs by Milton Bradley and Jose Lopez that propelled the Seattle Mariners to a 5-4 victory, ending the Milwaukee Brewers' five-game winning streak, were hardly wall-scrapers. But, after surrendering five...