Federal Wiretap: Rod Blagojevich States That He Needs Appointed US Senator to Satisfy Three Needs for Him: Legal, Personal and Political

Rod Blagojevich is now heard on tape saying that the next U.S. Senator must satisfy three criteria: "Legal, personal and political." This is how top aide John Harris testified Blagojevich defined each one.

Legal: "The legal investigation of his administration and his family finances."
Personal: "His personal economic security his need to secure some sort of economic future for himself. Someone who can put pressure on the Department of Justice to back off on the federal investigation."
Political: "His political situation."

After hearing the names of possible Senate appointees forwarded to him by the Obama team, Rod Blagojevich told his chief of staff he really had just three priorities in making the pick: “Our legal situation, our personal situation, my political situation,” Blagojevich said on a call with John Harris.

Harris told his boss that his legal situation would be the hardest to satisfy through a Senate appointment. He told Blagojevich that would mean appointing someone “real close to you or who owes it all to you.”