BP Forced to Remove Containment Cap After Vent Hit by Robotic Submarine, Causing Increased Oil Flow

Another BP glitch in the Gulf has sent what appears to be significantly more oil gushing into the ocean.

The company had to remove its containment cap today after a robot sub bumped into the venting system, reports NBC. BP hopes to have it back in place later today, but in the meantime, the live spillcam shows more oil on the move.

BP suffered another setback in the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, when a discharge of liquid and gases forced the company to remove the containment cap that for three weeks had been able to capture a large portion of the oil gushing from its damaged well.

il was again gushing from the BP spill site on Wednesday after the company was forced to remove the containment cap when a robotic submarine hit a vent. The news came as officials also reported two deaths of people who had been hired for the response effort.