Chicago Cubs defeat Los Angeles Angels, 12-1

What a good team the Cubs can be when they play like a good team.

''You score early and get good pitching, you deserve to win,'' manager Lou Piniella said of the seemingly simple formula. ''This is what we're capable of doing. Let's see if we're consistent with it.''

Consistency is the word that keeps surrounding the Cubs, whose play Sunday against the Los Angeles Angels was the opposite of what it had been Saturday. The Cubs lost by their largest margin of the seaso...

The so-called befuddled manager didn't look so befuddled Sunday.

Maybe it had something to do with his hitters hitting, his pitchers pitching, his fielders mostly fielding and the other team being awful for a day.

It was a reminder that Lou Piniella is not to blame for the Cubs' ongoing search for rock bottom. Lots of people are frustrated by his what's-a-guy-to-do shrugs, but he's right:

Short of consulting his players' biorhythm charts, he has tried everything. ...