Philadelphia Phillies defeat Minnesota Twins, 9-5

PHILADELPHIA - This is not 2005, when Michael Cuddyer last played third base.

"Then, I was a nervous player who really hadn't really established himself yet," Cuddyer said.

It was determined then that he looked more comfortable in right field, and he has become a productive player there.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire has rejected suggestions in the past that Cuddyer be moved back to third. But, on Friday, the special circumstances were too many to ignore.


PHILADELPHIA — Billy Paul appeared on the field before the sixth inning Friday to sing his classic hit "Me and Mrs. Jones" as the Phillie Phanatic performed a skit.

That wouldn't be the only Philadelphia sound the Twins faced on Friday at Citizens Bank Park.

Ryan Howard hit two home runs and set a career high with four extra-base hits. Chase Utley's sweet swing produced a three-run homer in the second that spelled trouble for the Twins and Nick Blackburn.