BP Chief Executive Disavows Direct Responsibility for Gulf Oil Spill in Testimony before US Congress

r responsibility for the decisions that lead to the Deepwater Horizon explosion today, in the face of a grilling from lawmakers.

“I was simply not involved in the decision-making process,” he told Henry Waxman at one point, and he refused to comment on any engineering mistakes until BP’s investigation was finished. “We asked you to be prepared to discuss these issues,” complained a frustrated Waxman.

The pressure on BP in the US has continued as the oil company's beleaguered chief executive, Tony Hayward was given a working over by a US Congressional Committee.

He was accused of "astonishing complacency" and of cutting corners to save money, among a number of other major criticisms and complaints.

During the course of the morning, Mr Haywood faced attacks from both politicians and the audience.

Sitting alone at a table, BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward on Thursday bore the bipartisan brunt of a livid congressional panel seeking to affix corporate greed and corner-cutting aboard an oil rig as the cause of 11 deaths and the ruin of an ecosystem and a way of life in the Gulf of Mexico.