Chicago White Sox defeat Pittsburgh Pirates, 7-2

PITTSBURGH -- The White Sox are calling pitcher Jake Peavy ''day-to-day'' with a tired arm.

John Danks was giving that same ''day-to-day'' label about the entire Sox starting staff when asked about the underachieving pitchers now starting to get on a roll.

''It's day-to-day, but we certainly hope so,'' Danks said after the 7-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates. ''This is the way we envisioned ourselves pitching all year. Who knows, hopefully this is the roll that g...

PITTSBURGH -- That bachelor's degree in political science from Stanford isn't holding much weight for Carlos Quentin.

He should have thrown in a few psychology classes along the way. Maybe then he would be able to explain why he has gone from 2008 most valuable player candidate to enigma in less than two seasons.

It's obvious the White Sox can't.

''I will keep playing Carlos, unless something happens to him, but we're going to pick our spots when to play him, we g...