Los Angeles Lakers defeat Boston Celtics, 89-67

LOS ANGELES — The Celtics have history on their side.

. . . And not much else.

Your Green Team was thrashed by the Lakers at Staples Center last night. Playing with none of the urgency and thunder that marked the final two games in Boston, the Celtics were Dropkick Murphyed in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, 89-67.

So now it comes down to a seventh game, on the road, against the West Coast brothers who seem to have been put on this earth to provide the Celtics with a me...

LOS ANGELES — Aw c’mon, you knew this thing was destined for seven, didn’t you?

It’s not as if this bunch of Celtics do anything easy. They’re the bounce-back kings. They’ve got short memories.

It was an ugly score that fully represents the nature of this game, one in which the Lakers assumed complete control in the first period and never allowed the Celtics to get even a remote sniff thereafter. Los Angeles led by 10 at the quarter, 20 at the half, and 25 at the thr...

LOS ANGELES — The Celtics were thinking about Game 7 in the second quarter of Game 6. Last night’s beating was that severe.

When Lamar Odom picked off a Paul Pierce pass and launched it upcourt to Jordan Farmar for a fastbreak dunk, the Celtics found themselves trailing, 45-25. There were still nearly 30 minutes of basketball left.

Backs against the wall, the Lakers were as dominant as they were desperate and all the Celtics could do was watch.

Their 31-point firs...

LOS ANGELES — Amid the carnage — Kendrick Perkins’s wounded knee, Rajon Rondo’s lacerated chin, and their team’s collective drubbing — one man appeared to remain standing.

A revived Ray Allen returned to form last night as the Celtics otherwise slipped into a premature slumber.

Back at the scene of his historic shooting performance in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Allen regained his 3-point touch and led the Celtics with 19 points as the Lakers pancaked the Green, 89-67,...

LOS ANGELES — The Celtics’ bench helped carry the team to the NBA Finals. But the reserves dropped the ball last night, failing to score in the first three quarters of an 89-67 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Not that Rasheed Wallace & Co. could have been expected to pull this one out — the Lakers were in control by the second quarter. But they could have kept things closer with a better performance.

“I’m very surprised, it’s just surprising,’’ Celtics guard Tony All...