Chicago White Sox defeat Pittsburgh Pirates, 6-4

PITTSBURGH -- Even the ''Big Game'' Express can run out of gas -- or, in Freddy Garcia's case, sweat.

So when White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen went out to visit with Garcia in the sixth inning of Tuesday's 6-4 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates, he knew that was it for his right-hander.

''When I went out and talked to him, he was a little out of gas,'' Guillen said. ''At least he was honest so that I could make the decision right now, make it easy for me. He's been g...

PITTSBURGH -- It was hard to guess which was more shocking to several players as they headed to Pittsburgh on Monday night: General manager Ken Williams on the team flight, making his first road trip of the season, or Williams going out of his way to play nice with manager Ozzie Guillen.

''I wonder if that's going to be on 'The Club,''' one player joked, referring to the MLB Network reality show about the White Sox that's set to debut in July.

What is no joking matte...