St. Louis Cardinals defeat Seattle Mariners, 9-3

Monday night's 9-3 Cardinals win over Seattle marked an even 100 major-league starts for righthander Adam Wainwright.

Since he became a member of the rotation in 2007, Wainwright has compiled a 53-27 mark in those 100 starts and has pitched six innings or more an almost unbelievable 45 times in his last 46 starts.

"I'd like to have a few hundred more here," said Wainwright, who then joked, "It's never too early to start talking about extensions, is it?"

Made aware ...

So lineups don't matter?

After the Cardinals' 9-3 win Monday night over Seattle at Busch Stadium, a manager of several stances and 54 lineups this year might reconsider his suggestion in May that too much is made about his almost daily permutations.

Then again, maybe not. Ryan Ludwick allowed La Russa to have it both ways. Hours after being surprised by his installation as the Cards' cleanup hitter, the Redbirds' right fielder overturned the Mariners' two-run first i...