Lon Monk Testifies to Occassional Drug Use with Rod Blagojevich While in Law School

Sam Adam Jr. livens up the room as his animated cross examination of Lon Monk begins.

Adam's questions cut deep, to Lon Monk and Rod Blagojevich's friendship beginning back at Pepperdine Law School in Malibu, Calif.

Adam says Monk and Blagojevich lived together in law school, they shared secrets, talked about girls. Monk agrees.

Adam says the two of them never committed any crimes together back then, right?

Monk: "Other than some occasional drug use," Monk says to some laughter by spectators. "Yes."
Adam: "I'm not here to ask you about that."

The Rod Blagojevich trial has ended for today, but not before defense lawyer Sam Adam Jr. spent time trying to batter Alonzo "Lon" Monk about his dishonesty.

On the stand, Monk has acknowledged not being completely truthful to his client, racetrack owner John Johnston, or his former boss Blagojevich when he was raising campaign money for the governor. Monk said that while he was a go-between, he overstated to both Johnston and Blagojevich what the other was doing.

Monk testified for the prosecution that he was trying to raise $100,000 from Johnston while dangling the possibility that Blagojevich would sign legislation to help the horse racing industry. The government contends Blagojevich was extorting Johnston.