Milwaukee Brewers defeat Texas Rangers, 6-2

You can't run around and cause havoc if you can't get on base.

That's the story of Carlos Gomez's career.

The Milwaukee Brewers centerfielder has a career on-base percentage of .293, horrid for a player hitting at or near the top of the lineup, a position that can only be attributed to his blazing speed. His batting average this season was .255 going into the weekend series against the Texas Rangers, a bit above his .247 career average, but still nowhere near good en...

Modus operandi: Pitch decent enough that a bunch of home runs hold up for the victory.

The Milwaukee Brewers have used this formula for the past two seasons, but the pitching has been so wretched for most of this season and the offense so scattered that the strategy hasn't had a chance to work too much.

That changed for the first game of the weekend interleague series against the Texas Rangers, leading to the Brewers taking a 6-2 victory on a muggy Friday night at Mi...